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One of my Ghost experiences. -
"My lady in White" by David Tadlock - an true event that happened to me late one night after homecoming.


In the early spring of 1995, my junior year of high school I had a very wierd experience with a lady in white. This all happened to me one night when I was on my way home from dropping off my girlfriend at the time at home. This night was also kind of a wierd night because it happened to be the night of my wifes (girlfriend at the time) homecoming dance. It was very late when I dropped here off, it was around 12:58a.m.. I had dropped her off and headed back down mary's creek road, the road she had lived on at the time. I turned out right onto Highway 153 north towards coulterville illinois. This was also a different route than I usually take, I usually had turned left onto 153 and continued onto route 154 west through sparta then head onto route 4 on my way to marissa, illinois. After I had made my way right on 153 I went a little ways not listening to the radio because I had turned it down to say night to my girlfriend. When I usually have turned down my radio I am in deep thought thinking of all kinds of things while I am driving. I started to come up to bettie's bottoms on 153 (Wow almost can't write anymore, I have the worst chill's right now. This chills me to my core!) thinking of random things when I see a lady in a grassy drive seeming to be in a faint white dress to my right, (damn chills) she is signaling me to pull over like she needs help. Her hand is cuped with her fingers seeming to pull towards her palm. At this time I was thinking it is just a lady wanting me to pull over and give her a ride or help with her car, I decided in the faint milliseconds not to stop, thinking who nows nowdays about people. Then realized it was a little wierd that she would be stranded there at that time at exactly 1:06a.m. I can still picture my digital clock on my dash of my 95 mustang at this time. After see this lady the first time I went about going through the bottoms, until getting almost were the road comes up from the bottoms back to higher road. I seen the lady a second time, she was floating with my car beside the front right fender. She seemed to be looking over at me still making me sense she wants me to stop. I actually put more on the gas at this time and she seemed to float and disapper away from my car coming out of the bottoms. I then raced home feeling very scared and afraid the rest of my ride home. I actually was so shaken up I did weap a few times. Also wanted to let you know totally how I feel typing this, I am sitting here getting the chills having pictures come to my mind of the time this happened to me. I really have wanted to write this down many times, and just have not had the time to do so. This was one of 2 things that have happened to me in my life were I knew that I had experienced a ghost. Not sure what this experience is suppose to mean, nor do I like to talk about it. Talking about this makes me have very bone chilling "chills" everytime. I hope someday to research this a little to find out maybee if I seen a ghost of someone who died on that road or around that area, at that time. If anyone has had a similar experice please contact me with your event story, and I will post it up. thanks David Tadlock


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